From the Sofia News Agency:

Bulgarian Culture and Tourism Ministry plans to fund the excavation works near Kazanlak where last summer archeologist Georgi Kitov unearthed an ancient royal tomb.

A total of BGN 100,000 will be dished out from the ministry's budget to be added to already granted BGN 50,000, Culture and Tourism Minister Nina Chilova announced on Wednesday.

Yet the Regional Development Ministry will fund the construction of local infrastructure with another BGN 2 M to improve the access to the ancient historic sites at the Valley of the Kings.

The tomb at the Goljamata Kosmatka site has revealed one of richest Thracian tombs known from the times of Antiquity.

It was later identified to have belonged to the mighty Thracian King Seutus III. One of the tomb's chambers contained a bronze helmet, a delicate two-handled gold drinking cup and three amphorae as well as ten spears, a sword, a round shield and leg armour.