11.00 p.m. |HINT| Rome: Building an Empire
Host Joe Mantegna visits the vast territories conquered by the imperial army--by the 2nd century AD, the empire spanned three continents. The over 4,000 Roman cities were cultural melting pots, where diverse customs and beliefs blended. Features life in Pompeii, the flamboyant Emperor Hadrian, and religious revolts in Judea.

11.00 p.m. |HISTU| The Lost Atlantis
Did the fabled Atlantis really exist? Plato told of an advanced civilization full of natural resources, palaces of gold, exotic animals, and even a form of electricity. But according to legend, 10,000 years ago, Atlantis disappeared into the ocean in a cataclysmic event of nuclear proportions. Since Plato's time, explorers have tried to find the lost continent, buried under thousands of years of time, sand, and water. And there have been enough alluring clues discovered through the years to keep the search going. We follow five different expeditions in five separate sections of the world as they hunt for Atlantis. Deriving clues from Plato's writings, each group of explorers believes it has been the one to correctly decipher them. In the process, a bigger mystery arises. Anthropologists examining ancient unidentified Central American sculptures believe they offer evidence that will prove there were survivors of Atlantis.

HINT = History International

HISTU = History Channel (U.S.)