Another one I can't quite see, reported in another one of those news sources that doesn't identify itself on the page:

One family considers their property priceless. They claim the Virgin Mary has appeared on one of their walls.
The Garza family was working out in their yard on Monday afternoon when they noticed what they say is the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe on the outside of their house.

Some say they can also see the images of an olive tree and the face of Jesus.

The news spread through town fast.

Ana Maria Garza says about 500 people have already come to see it for themselves.

"Its been pretty frantic," she says. "All those that believe and don`t believe, they come to witness it and to see if its true ... all I can say... is she`s there."

The family says they conside the images a blessing for the entire town. They`ve invited everyone to come out and see it.