Apologies for forgetting about this feature the past couple of days ... one of those brain cramp things .... anyway:

glutinous @ Dictionary.com

talisman @ Merriam-Webster (interesting!)

oligopsony @ Wordsmith (use this in a sentence today!)

funipendulous @ Worthless Word for the Day

Speaking of words with Classical roots, idle surfing last night brought me to the National Spelling Bee (which really should be called 'international', now that Canadians seem to be taking part ... or is it 'national' in the same sense as National Hockey League?) just as some bright young guy was spelling fulgurent, so I paused to spell a few things to intimidate my own kids. After jabot and ptomaine, the announcer asked another kid to spell "gnaw make ya" ... the poor kid used all the options and I can't blame him. Is "gnaw make ya" how anyone really pronounces naumachia? He did spell it correctly ...