I suspect this is one of the things which separate Classicists from much of the rest of the world ... the ability to see the big picture. For example, in a piece in the Columbia Missourian which begins full of gushing praise for the new 'natatorium' (somehow that moniker makes me think of something by Matt Groening rather than Latin), the concluding remarks come from a Classicist:

James McGlew, associate professor of Classical studies, relaxed in the hot tub in Tiger Grotto.

McGlew said his feelings are mixed about the new aquatics center.

“I think it’s a fabulous facility that with some tinkering can become a more efficient facility, especially as part of an educative institution,” McGlew said.

McGlew described empty basketball courts, hallways, and unused locker rooms with lights still on. He described jets running in empty pools.

“I just have to believe that with very little fixing, they can make this thing infinitely more energy efficient,” McGlew said.

McGlew said possible solutions to energy waste could involve installing motion sensitive lighting and shutting down the waterfall, vortex, and lazy river when the recreation pool is empty.

Personally, I've never understood why major institutions with pools don't use them in conjunction with some sort of heat exchanger to cool a building or two ....