I just quickly checked to see whether the UMI folks had an RSS feed or something, and I came across this recent dissertation in Chinese studies:

TITLE: The rogue classicist: Feng Fang (1493--1566) and his forgeries (China)
AUTHOR: Rusk, Bruce Arthur

Here's the incipit of the abstract:

This dissertation examines the textual forgeries of Feng Fang (1566?) against the background of the intellectual and cultural history of the Ming period in China. The forgeries were variant versions of several canonical texts, most of the Five Classics and one of the Four Books (collectively, the so-called "Confucian Classics"). The forgeries were part of a complex engagement by Ming scholars with a long legacy of scholarship, especially with the Song dynasty Dao Learning enshrined as state orthodoxy. [...]

... hmmm ... shades of Benito Trovato.