I'm still trying to figure out an efficient way to deal with these things [I know the Mnemosyne folks probably have no control over this, but would it really be difficult for Brill to put author, title, pages such as is demanded in Mnemosyne's own guidelines for contributors?] ... here is the TOC for Mnemosyne vol. 58.2

The Co-Operative Temper: A Third Dramatic Role in Sophoclean Tragedy
pp. 161-182(22)
Author: Carter, D.M.

The Drinking Theatre: Staged Symposia in Greek Comedy
pp. 183-217(35)
Author: Konstantakos, Ioannis M.

Abschiedsbriefe. Horaz' Und Ovids Epistolographisches Spätwerk, II
pp. 218-234(17)
Author: Korenjak, M.

Itinerarium Egeriae: L'ordre Des Constituants Obligatoires
pp. 235-261(27)
Author: Spevak, O.

Anaxippus Fr. 1.46-7 K.-A.: Awakening Nature
pp. 262-266(5)
Authors: Telò, Mario

The Victor's Prize (IG V 1.20A)
pp. 266-267(2)
Author: Pleket, H.W.

non certe in Cicero de Divinatione 2.94
pp. 268-269(2)
Author: Pinkster, Harm

Catullan Recycling? Cacata carta
pp. 270-277(8)
Author: Watson, Lindsay C.

Virgil on a Brick from Italica
pp. 277-282(6)
Authors: Herrero, R. Carande; Martínez, C. Fernández

Zum Text Der Horaz-Ode 1.4
pp. 282-284(3)
Author: Bernays, Ludwig

Further Evidence of the Original Outline of Ovid's Ars amatoria (1.771-2)
pp. 284-285(2)
Author: Nickbakht, Mehran A.

"Quantum Coniectare (non) Licet." Menodotus Between Sextus Empiricus (P. 1.222) and Diogenes Laertius (9.116)
pp. 286-293(8)
Author: Perilli, Lorenzo

Jackson, P. 2002. Verbis pingendis
pp. 294-296(3)
Author: Faber, R.

Luraghi, N. (ed.) 2001. The Historian's Craft in the Age of Herodotus
pp. 296-299(4)
Author: van Hooff, Anton J.L.

Hardie, Ph. (ed.) 2002. The Cambridge Companion to Ovid
pp. 299-302(4)
Author: Hunink, Vincent

Dusinberre, E.R.M. 2003. Aspects of Empire in Achaemenid Sardis
pp. 302-306(5)
Author: Stronk, Jan P.

Dörrie, H., Baltes, M. 2002. Der Platonismus in der Antike, Bd. 6.1-2
pp. 306-308(3)
Author: Mansfeld, Jaap

Tarrant, H. 2000. Plato's First Interpreters
pp. 308-314(7)
Author: Mansfeld, Jaap

Gaertner, H. 2002. Diogenes Laertius, Vitae Philosophorum, III: Indices
pp. 314-315(2)
Author: Dorandi, T.

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