Here are the articles in the latest TAPA 135.1:

Edmunds, Lowell. "Critical Divergences: New Directions in the Study and Teaching of Roman Literature"

O'Hara, James J., "Trying Not To Cheat: Responses to Inconsistencies in Roman Epic"

Lowrie, Michèle. "Inside Out: In Defense of Form"

Hinds, Stephen. "Defamliarizing Latin Literature, from Petrarch to Pulp Fiction"

Habinek, Thomas N., "Latin Literature between Text and Practice"

Farrell, Joseph, "Eduard Fraenkel on Horace and Servius, or Texts, Contexts, and the Field of "Latin Studies""

Connolly, Joy. "Border Wars: Literature, Politics, and the Public"

Barchiesi, Alessandro. "Lane-switching and Jughandles in Contemporary Interpretations of Roman Poetry"

Compton-Engle, Gwendolyn. "Stolen Cloaks in Aristophanes' Ecclesiazusae"

Johnson, David M. "Persians as Centaurs in Xenophon's Cyropaedia"

You can get the text online if you have access to Project Muse