Regular contributrix GL sent this one along (thanks!) ... It was commencement day at Davidson and among the folks honoured was Classics prof Jeanne Neumann ... inter alia:

Two faculty members received the college’s Hunter-Hamilton Love of Teaching Awards—Bill “Doc” Lawing and Jeanne Neumann. The award carries a $15,000 prize for each recipient, half of which is for personal use, and half of which the recipient applies to a college program or purpose.


Jeanne Neumann, Associate Professor of Classics, was praised as “passionate about the subject, devoted to the students, and engaged with the world through the refracting and magnifying lenses of history and culture, literature and language.”

In addition to offering regular courses that are “legendarily challenging, yet always full,” she meets regularly with small groups outside of class to study Latin texts, and welcomes them into her home for tea and cookies. Students praised her self-deprecating humor, her erudition, and compassion.

Neumann received her Ph.D. at Harvard, and has taught Latin and Greek language and literature at Davidson since 1994. A member of the board of directors of SALVI (septentrionale americanum latinitatis vivae institutum), she promotes oral Latin, and has led workshops on how to teach Latin as one would teach a modern language. She is the current president of the North Carolina Classical Association, and serves on the editorial boards of the journals, “Classical Outlook” and “Retiarius.” The complete text of Neumann's citation is available here.