... probably a very large one ... For reasons unknown, a huge article from an erstwhile unknown source trying to prove that George Bush is the antichrist using various proofs (including gematria, and assorted ancient references), hit my email box this a.m.. Normally I would just toss this sort of thing, but inter alia there's this interesting bit:

Noted British author David Icke has traced the Bush bloodline as far back as Phillip of Macedonia, the father of Alexander the Great, who established the Greek World Empire. From that point, the Bush bloodline passes through the principal ruling families of the Roman Empire and eventually through European royalty as well. He is also descended from Queen Cleopatra, royal consort to Julius Caesar. Icke comments that "She also bore twins with Mark Anthony, who has his own connections to this line and its many offshoots" Marc Anthony happens to be the great-Grandfather of Emperor Nero. So now there is also a definite blood connection between Emperor Nero, the original Biblical prototype for the Antichrist, and George W Bush. The Bush bloodline also passes directly through Herod the Great, the Judean King who originally tried to murder Jesus as a child, and he is related to Herod Antipas, who murdered John the Baptist and turned Jesus over to Pilate to be crucified.

Personally, I've never 'noted' David Icke before and his website suggests he's one in a long line of conspiracy theorists and his article on the bloodlines doesn't actually trace same. He claims to have "been sent a series of genealogical charts which detail a bloodline and its off shoots". Fans of the Piso Conspiracy will enjoy the insertion of various Calpurnii into the tree as well (and if M = married in the charts, there are some rather strange marriages along the way ...

Yes ... a bit of salt is needed to get these nuts down.