An bit of ClassCon emerges in one of those "offensive mascot" controversies (I thought those were all water under the bridge by now) ... from the South Bend Tribune:

Indiana Tech has dumped its former American Indian warrior mascot and replaced it with a helmeted figure resembling a Roman soldier.

The new mascot -- complete with armored breastplate, shield and helmet -- was unveiled Saturday during Indiana Tech's commencement at Memorial Coliseum.

Indiana Tech President Arthur E. Snyder said the change was made out of respect for American Indian culture.

"We decided to put our collective heads together and put together a neo-Roman warrior," Snyder said.

Indiana Tech's move makes it one of the dozens of other colleges and high schools across the nation that have either eliminated American Indian warriors as mascots or changed the warrior from an American Indian to another kind of warrior.

In another change, the school's new mascot carries a shield rather than a weapon, giving it a less confrontational appearance than the previous American Indian mascot.

"We look to make it a defensive warrior as opposed to an offensive one," Snyder said. "It dignifies our mascot warrior and shows strength and perseverance."

Here's a photo ... maybe Classicists should get offended at calling this thing 'Roman' ... but you know they won't.