Excerpts from a press release at GI Biz:

The famed soldiery of Legio IX Hispana have broken camp and begun marching on Los Angeles, where they will marshal in support of Perpetual Entertainment's Gods and Heroes: Rome Rising.

Legio IX Hispana is the largest Roman re-enactment society in North America, with chapters throughout California and the South-West. Over a dozen members in full legionnaire's kit will be present at various times in E3's Concourse Walkway to promote Gods and Heroes and discuss the tactics and technology of squad warfare in ancient Rome.

"Due to safety concerns, Legio IX Hispana will be unable to hurl our spears and charge with drawn swords," said Sean Richards, founder and centurion of the legion. "We will still, however, be able to show off the armor and kit of the era, and share our expertise in Roman squad-based combat."


"We are extremely pleased to have Legio IX marching for Gods and Heroes," said Stieg Hedlund, lead designer of Gods and Heroes. "With their first-hand expertise re-enacting the warfare and weapons of the Roman era, who better can promote a game featuring innovative squad-based combat and large scale ancient battles?"

About Legio IX Hispana

Founded in February 1994 by Sean "Sheridan" Richards, Legio IX Hispana is devoted to experiential archeology and realistic, hands-on re-enactment of the life of the Roman soldier in the 1st Century AD. The ancient history experts of Legio IX have been featured in documentaries on the History Channel, at live combat displays at E3, on campuses and colleges, and at film festivals and movie premieres throughout Los Angeles. For more information, visit the website at http://www.legio-ix-hispana.org