8.00 p.m. |DISCC| Midas Revealed
An archaeologist believes he has found the grave of King Midas in Turkey; dramatic reconstructions and computer graphics reveal fascinating insights into the Phrygian civilization, its great kings and the origins of the famous myth of the golden touch.

8.00 p.m. |HINT| The Civilization of the Heroes
A visit to the heart of the first great civilizations between the Euphrates and the Aegean Sea takes us to the pre-Hellenic cities of Mycenae, Tiryns, and the legendary Babylonian city of Troy, where archaeological findings have confirmed existence of the world or heroes that Homer depicted in his epic poems. We even visit the site of the classic battle between Hector and Achilles. We take viewers on a virtual reality tour using extensive CGI recreations of great structures and ancient ruins coupled with scenic location footage. Features commentary from archaeological experts.

8.30 p.m. |HINT| Pompeii: A City Rediscovered
On August 24, in the year 79 AD, the apocalyptic eruption of Vesuvius relegated the memory of the wealthy Roman city of Pompeii to the realms of legend and myth. Take a virtual tour of this vital and fantastic ancient city as we explore its mysteries. Now, new excavations, sound scientific evidence, and extraordinary computer graphics recreate the magnificent city and the cataclysmic eruption that silenced its inhabitants.

9.00 p.m. |DISCC| Truth of Troy
Follow a team of scientists as they excavate the legendary city of Troy; their finds reveal an epic conflict between East and West; Troy may have been destroyed in a battle between two great superpowers of the last Bronze Age.

9.30 p.m. |HINT| Meet the Ancestors: At the Sign of the Eagle
When developers moved in to dig up the car park behind the Eagle Hotel in Winchester, England's ancient capital, they found much more than they bargained for. Julian Richards joins a team of archaeologists as they unearth part of Roman Winchester's pagan past. The Roman cemetery includes Christian burials from the 4th century, the end of the Roman period, aligned in their traditional East-West graves. But, just as the investigation is coming to a close, an older burial is discovered in the chalk pit. An enormous lead coffin is revealed, only the second ever to be found in Roman Winchester, containing the complete skeleton of a tall male who died in the prime of life. This was clearly someone of wealth and status, originally buried in a fine oak coffin, lined with valuable lead. His pagan grave is aligned North-South and in his hand he clutches a single coin, bearing the face of Emperor Constantine. This was his fare to pay the ferryman, taking his soul across the River Styx to Hades.

DISCC = Discovery Channel (Canada)

HINT = History International