From the (Leeds) Evening Post:

A LEEDS mum was quite literally left breathless with joy when she scooped £10,000 in a radio quiz.

In the shock of the moment Grace Marshall, 31, left, started having an asthma attack live on air having just learnt she had landed the grand prize. Luckily the new mum, who gave birth to twins Peter and Alicia just six weeks ago, eventually managed to catch her breath and is now looking forward to spending the money.
Presenter Simon Hirst said: "It's in my contract to build tension, but when she started gasping I got really worried that we'd finished her off."
Grace walked off with the cash after correctly naming the Greek philosopher who was Alexander the Great's tutor (Aristotle).
That was the final question in a competition called 'Smart Arse', on Galaxy 105. Grace, being half-Greek, had had a bit of an advantage with the question in the competition's final round on the Hirsty's Daily Dose breakfast show.