From the Pocono Record ... mostly a list of names:

Fifty-two Latin scholars from Notre Dame Jr./Sr. High School have merited recognition for their performance in the National Latin Exam.

Latin III

Gold Medal, Summa Cum Laude: Jesse Ciccolella and Nicole Gabana.

Silver Medal, Maxima Cum Laude: Mary Carney, Kaitlyn McCloskey and Hannah Farda.

Magna Cum Laude: Nicholas Porter and Ronald Guenther.

Cum Laude: Christine Clark, Gerard Letendre and James Honochick.

Latin II

Gold Medal, Summa Cum Laude: Erik Schroeder, Laura Quintiliani, Michael Valenti, Carlos Rodas, James Bercier, Trung De Sa and Kelly O'Donald.

Silver Medal, Maxima Cum Laude: Robert Oldfield, David Bowen, Joseph Sumereau, Steven Lipe, James Dembinski, Shane McNamara, Michael Primiano, Samantha Kramer, Nikki Schultz, Michael Smith, Shana Wachowski and Emily Mullen.

Magna Cum Laude: Daria Koscielniak, Daniel Rusk, Sara Kramer and Ryan Gregorio.

Cum Laude: Ravenna Singh.

Latin I

Gold Medal, Summa Cum Laude: Kthleen Doherty, Hong De Sa, Carl Mattsson, Cathleen Traino and Pawel Lijewski.

Silver Medal, Maxima Cum Laude: Eric Glenn, John Claffey, Matthew Shukaitis, Brian Robbins and Kaitlin Fish.

Magna Cum Laude: Aimee Luzzi, Matthew Miele, Chris Long and Colin Chambers.

Cum Laude: Jovan Singh, Bridget McNamara, Michael Gonsky and Kevin Mink.

The American Classical League instituted the National Latin Exam in 1978 in response to the desire of Latin teachers to offer their students an instrument whereby they might measure their success in the study of Latin. Participation in the exam is increasing. The 2005 exam was taken by 131,000 students in all 50 states and eight foreign countries. The American Classical League awards scholarship to exemplary seniors who intend to pursue the study of classics in college.