As I listen to DW's English-language broadcast. in which they begin a piece on the pope by saying quo vadis Benedict? ... the
Hindustan Times ponders similiter inter alia:

The new man will face “a labour of Hercules,” one skeptical Rome theologian said. “It will be like Hercules cleaning up the Augean stables.”

Poking around to find out who this theologian was, I came up empty, but it's interesting how frequently this Augean Stables reference has been used in the past while by journalists. From the Globe and Mail, e.g., in regards to the sponsorship scandal which is currently filling our news:

Brian Mulroney came to power pledging to abandon the lavish public-relations spending that had marked the last Trudeau mandate. Then-opposition leader Jean Chrétien declared in 1992 that money spent on advertising and polling would be diverted to food banks and job training under a Liberal government. Both of these leaders broke their pledges, both channelled public-relations contracts to their political allies, both frolicked in the Augean stables they had pledged to clean.

From comes word of a similar sort of scandal in Benin:

The daily newspaper Le Republicain said in a front-page editorial last week that the presidential palace was "a veritable Augean stable in which most of the president's collaborators stink to high heaven of corruption and other unorthodox practices."

From Nigeriaworld (commenting on Nigeria, obviously):

Cleaning of the Augean stable appears to have begun by using a 'dirty broom.' For the cleaning to be thorough, the broom must be washed and cleansed of all dirt.

From INQ7 (a Philippine source):

And yet to apply it to a huge bureaucracy and sharing a wealth of lessons learned and successes scored are remarkable feats by themselves, considering the Herculean task of virtually cleaning up the mythical Augean stables.

And last, because I'm losing interest (and I'm sure you are too), from Pakistan:

Yes all this has served one important development purpose. Sons of ex-subedars, ex-clerks and ex-assistant political agents have done well, climbing from relatively simple life styles to grand luxuries propelled by phenomenal assets. All came to clean the Augean stables and all departed richer.