I've not posted many theatre reviews here (I'm posting them over at Classics Central, if you were wondering), but this production of Medea reviewed in the Houston Chronicle is interesting:

In its first attempt at an ancient Greek tragedy, Infernal Bridegroom Productions has devised not a definitive Medea, but one as funky and full of weird touches as the most hardcore fan of this avant-garde troupe could wish.

When you hear that Batman makes an appearance — yes, that Batman, playing golf — you may suspect that IBP and director Charlie Scott, who also wrote this adaptation of Euripides' classic, have gone too far.

At some points they have — particularly in a first act that frequently seems bent on outright travesty.

Yet as the grim machinations of the vengeance-obsessed heroine take hold in the second act, Scott and his cast start playing things relatively straight. And with IBP institution Tamarie Cooper bringing power and fury to her key scenes in the title role, and Scott's effective staging of her final horrific deeds, this Medea ultimately manages a potent shock-and-awe campaign. You just have to wait for it.