Another item that hit my inbox while Radio was down was the Project Gutenberg edition of Talbot Mundy's Caesar Dies. Related to this, one of the things I've had 'on the back burner' was making use of the 'categories' in Radio (now 'sections' in Tangelo) to offer 'serials' on a daily basis (or some other cycle), i.e. I'd post a chunk of some public domain text with a Classics connection (ideally, fiction) and give a different chunk every day. Mundy's piece -- which I believe originally was a serial, or at least was serialized on at least one occasion -- seems to fit the bill on this (it's all about the death of Commodus). Is there any interest in this sort of thing? (I've still to work out the 'Sections' thing ... I can apparently post to sections directly so that items do not turn up on the main page for you to wade through if you're not interested).